Solidarity with Hugo Chávez

Photo: Prensa Presidencial

As Hugo Chávez returns to Cuba for further treatment, our thoughts and solidarity are with him, his family and with all our friends and comrades in Venezuela.

In recent years, Hugo Chávez has, more than anyone else, played a central role in reviving socialism across the world after a period of international defeats for the working class.

Hugo Chávez has demonstrated the difference that individuals can make in trying to change the world despite the immense military and economic power of the bourgeoisie.

The huge heartfelt support that Hugo Chávez attracts from millions of people in Venezuela, wider Latin America and the world over reflects Chávez’s enduring love for the oppressed and his efforts to achieve their liberation by overthrowing capitalism and imperialism.

President Chávez has warned of the imminent dangers to his life at this moment. Our hopes are for his speedy and full recovery. Now is an important time for all supporters of what Hugo Chávez and the wider revolutionary movement have achieved to redouble efforts in solidarity with Venezuela.