Prepare to oppose this assault on women

21st June 2022 shoreditchadmin2 0

When the decision on Roe v Wade is announced mobilise:-
LONDON: in front of the US Embassy in Nine Elms a 7 pm.
EDINBURGH: in front of the US Consulate at 6 pm.
Cardiff: Crown Court at 6 pm
Keep up to date with Abortion Rights

Women, Covid and the family

7th March 2022 shoreditchadmin2 0

The experience of Covid illustrates Engels’ point. It has vividly demonstrated the role of the family as an economic unit, to provide, unremunerated, unrecognised and with significant personal loss, services that should be socially provided. It is an impossible demand.

Abortion Rights – 5 New Year’s Resolutions

6th January 2022 shoreditchadmin2 0

Make home use for early medical abortion pills legal with good quality telemedicine.
Expose the misinformation of abortion reversal pills once and for all.
End clinic harassment.
Implement paid leave for abortion policies at work.
Decriminalise abortion now.