Only Labour can lead the fight against Britain’s Trump and a No Deal Brexit

29th July 2019 shoreditchadmin2 0

The formation of Boris Johnson’s hard right Cabinet makes crystal clear the meaning of a Tory Brexit. It is to subordinate Britain to a trade deal with the US in which the NHS would be up for sale, in which food standards would be cut to US levels, in which rights at work would be reduced to US levels, and in which a fundamental attack would be launched on Britain’s welfare state.

The decisive fight against No Deal, led by Corbyn

17th June 2019 Socialist Action 0

Jeremy Corbyn led the fight against No Deal in last week’s parliamentary vote, bringing with him the bulk of the opposition parties– and against the overwhelming majority of the Tory party. Unfortunately, it was lost by 11 votes. But the consequences for living standards in Britain are so grave that it is vital the fight continues.