Labour’s leftwards shift is why it is advancing

10th January 2018 shoreditchadmin2 0

The Labour Party has started 2018 on an excellent footing. It is consistently ahead of the Tories in opinion polls – a lead it has now maintained for most of the past six months following the June 2017 general election. If another election took place at present Jeremy Corbyn is well positioned to become Prime Minister.

Theresa May and King Abdullah in Jordan

Theresa May’s Middle East fantasy

15th December 2017 shoreditchadmin2 0

Theresa May’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq, at the end of November, highlighted the continuing decline of influence in Britain’s foreign policy… The nostalgia and myth making that characterises the pro-Brexit case spreads its ephemera all over the Tory government’s international endeavours.

Brexiteers routed in Brussels

11th December 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Mark Buckley

The complete humiliation of the Tory Brexit negotiators has been greeted with wild claims that Theresa May achieved a stunning victory. Any more ‘victories’ like this and the UK will be passing rapidly from a second-tier power to a fourth-rate one.

The going down of the sun

9th November 2017 Socialist Action 0

The article below, by Paul Atkin, addresses how the slaughter of World War One is commemorated in Britain. It was originally published here in August 2017 at the time of the Passchendale commemoration.

As with the Somme commemoration in 2016, such rituals were set on the hundredth anniversary of the start of the battle. It is relevant to read the article now, not only because of Remembrance Sunday on 12 November, but because the battle itself did not end until 10 November 2017, with a post script at Cambrai between 20 November and 30 December.

Helen John

8th November 2017 Socialist Action 0

Socialist Action is sad to learn of the death of Helen John on 5 November 2017 and sends condolences to her family, friends and comrades.

Helen was an outstanding internationalist who dedicated her life to fighting imperialism’s military assaults across the globe. She campaigned for nuclear disarmament and opposed the US and Britain’s frequent resort to war. The British authorities on many occasions arrested and imprisoned her in an effort to halt the protests she organised.