Peru’s oligarchy overthrows President Castillo

10th December 2022 shoreditchadmin2 0

The US backed oligarchy has achieved its coup. In response to the right’s attacks, Castillo had left his party, demobilised his peasant base, refused to close ranks with the Peruvian left, given into the right’s demands and embraced the OAS and US embassy.

Peru ushers in a new era

25th July 2021 shoreditchadmin2 0

The left has won the Presidency in Peru, giving Pedro Castillo a historic opportunity to open Peru towards democracy and justice. The right will use every mechanism to stifle or coopt him. Castillo, on the other hand, has a base of poor Peruvians that defended his election victory and seems prepared to continue its mobilisations.

The coup that is taking place in Peru

16th June 2021 shoreditchadmin2 0

The left’s candidate Pedro Castillo has won the second round of Peru’s presidential elections and defeated the far-right candidate Keiko Fujimori by 44,000 votes.
In response, Peru’s right wing and the US are planning a coup.


Peru victory further consolidates continent’s left shift

7th June 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Stephen MacAvoy

The victory of Ollanta Humala in Peru’s presidential election on Sunday (5 June) marks a further consolidation of the left in South America, a defeat for the right-wing current cited as the alternative by those opposed to the continent’s leftwards shift and a further weakening of the United States’ influence in the region.