Venezuela: A day with Nicolás Maduro

18th October 2013 Socialist Action 0

The following interview with President Nicolás Maduro, outlines his involvement in Venezuela’s revolutionary process.

It touches on his involvement in student politics, the significance of the 1989 Caracazo massacre, meeting Chávez in prison in 1993 and his involvement in the national leadership of the Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement.

After Chávez was first elected President in 1998, Maduro headed up the Chávista parliamentary group, later taking on the role of Foreign Minister and then Vice President.

US and right seek to overthrow Venezuela’s democracy and its revolution

5th April 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

Venezuela’s Presidential election takes place in just over a week, with Chávismo, one of the most advanced political currents in the world, set to win once more under Nicolás Maduro. Given this, imperialism and its local allies are stepping up their campaign to discredit the expected result as part of their strategy to defeat Venezuela’s socialist revolution.

Hugo Chávez: a loss for Venezuela and the world

6th March 2013 Socialist Action 0

Together with the people of Venezuela, Latin America and all anti-imperialists and progressive people world-wide, we mourn the loss of our comrade Presidente Hugo Chávez.

His death is not only a huge loss for Venezuela, but for the whole of Latin America. And not only for Venezuela and Latin America, but for the entire world.

This loss is felt most deeply in Venezuela itself where people have flooded onto the streets to show their grief and respect, chanting, “Chávez vive, la lucha sigue”: “Chávez lives, the battle continues”.

This love and respect is a reflection of Chávez’s achievements but also his personal courage in pursuing the most progressive goals.