Notes from the front – of 4/5/2017

4th May 2017 Socialist Action 0

Oppose Israel’s attacks on Syria

On 27 April Israel launched missile strikes against an alleged Hezbollah arms hub near Damascus airport in Syria. Since 2011, Israel has launched multiple strikes inside Syria, mostly against Hezbollah. In March this year it launched several strikes near Palmyra.

No support for US war on Syria

10th April 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Stephen Bell

The bombing of a Syrian airfield by US President Trump represents a further escalation of the US military presence in the Middle East. It is immediately unclear whether this represents a one-off, or the start of a campaign against Syria. US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley said ‘We are prepared to do more, but we hope it will not be necessary’. The action was taken without UN authorisation, or US Congressional debate.

Boris Johnson’s correct choice on Syria – it is necessary to fight on the side of Assad & Russia against ISIS

7th December 2015 Socialist Action 0

Boris Johnson supported the catastrophic invasion of Iraq, launched by Bush and Blair, which is the cause of the present chaos in the Middle East and the rise of global terrorism it has resulted in. Like the bombing of Libya the Iraq invasion turned previously powerless jihadist terrorists into a powerful force. Above all the people of the Middle East but also those in Paris, San Bernardino, and Mali are paying for that with their lives.