Defending living standards not the EU is the biggest issue in British politics

1st July 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

Labour’s successful campaign, in comparison with the Tories’ set back, at June’s General Election was due to the growing rejection of austerity, which trumped May’s assumption that a mandate for Brexit would be the decisive issue. The fact that defence of living standards, not the EU, is the biggest issue in British politics was also at the root of the setback for both the SNP and the Lib Dems in the election.

Britain can be poor and racist – or better off and non-racist

13th June 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Robin Jackson

Labour achieved a huge success at the election because it stuck firmly to focusing on how to improve people’s living standards – as was analysed here before the election in Why the Corbyn campaign is so effective. This follows the fundamental rule of elections that the party which sets the agenda advances. By focusing the campaign on opposition to austerity, by an explicit pledge on the triple lock for pensioners, on re-nationalisation of the railways, on abolition of tuition fees and numerous other progressive measures Labour focused the agenda clearly on defence of living standards. It was this which produced the sharp increase in turnout at this election – the cornerstone of Labour’s success.

Vote Labour! Defend Corbyn! For the many, not the few! Stop the Tory Hard Brexit!

25th April 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Ian Richardson

The General Election on 8 June is a classic ‘cut-and-run’ election, called on the back of mounting evidence of the economic squeeze that is already beginning to result from Brexit and the fact that the false promises about Brexit are unravelling, including that Britain could dictate the terms it chose for a Brexit deal. This means the Tories are at a high water mark, which will now recede. Theresa May knows this and has gone for a snap election before things start to run downhill.

Supporting Corbyn and opposing Brexit

20th March 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

There are two distinct projects in Britain to drive down the living standards of the working class and so drive up profits. One is the project of European Union big capital, which is to drive down the share of the economy that goes to the working class and raise profits, through slow attrition meaning a permanent squeeze on public spending, reducing the welfare state and wage decline or low growth. The other is the Brexit project which is an immediate and ferocious assault on living standards, trade union rights and public services.

There is no ‘People’s Brexit’

10th March 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Tom O’Leary

The certainty that Brexit will push living standards lower is not really a forecast- it is already happening. Immediately following the referendum the pound fell sharply and has more or less stayed at that lower level since. The 13 per cent decline means that CPI inflation is moving remorselessly higher and will continue to do so. Higher inflation means lower wages and incomes in real terms.