Labour’s tactics on Brexit are spot-on

10th December 2018 Socialist Action 0

The chaos in the Tory Party around Theresa May’s Brexit deal deepens daily as Parliament debates the issue. Even the Tory media, nowadays openly including the BBC, is forced to admit this. But the same media is systematically attempting to conceal the unity and successes achieved on this by the Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Labour has to reject a Tory Brexit deal

25th October 2018 Socialist Action 0

If Theresa May manages to negotiate a draft withdrawal treaty between her government and the EU 27 one thing is already very clear – it will be a proposal that damages the economy and as a result would harm people’s living standards. Socialists will need to ensure such a deal is rejected.

The sectarian petitioning of Momentum

12th July 2018 Socialist Action 0

A petition has been launched calling on Momentum to ballot its members on whether it should campaign for there to be a vote at this Autumn’s Labour Party Conference to call for a referendum on the final exit deal negotiated between the UK government and the EU-27.