Two visions of Ireland at stake in the General Election

11th February 2016 Socialist Action 0

By Frances Davis and Ian Richardson

The much-anticipated General Election in the southern Irish state, called for 26 February, has brought into sharp focus two clear political alternatives – a continuation of right wing austerity politics or a break with it, in favour of a left wing alternative. The fact that the election is taking place in the centenary year of the 1916 Rising also gives an added significance – and one which is not just based on an historic poignancy. Most of the fundamental tasks of 1916 are yet to be accomplished.

Podemos big winner in Spanish elections

21st December 2015 Socialist Action 0

By Michael Burke

The outcome of the Spanish general election is unclear as no major party has an overall majority or even an obvious political partner(s) with which it could form one. The poll overall represents a shift to the left, but a shift insufficient to place the anti-austerity forces in government.

Poland lurches to the right

31st October 2015 Socialist Action 0

The following article by Gavin Rae, on the elections to Poland’s parliament, was originally published by transform!

The recent parliamentary elections in Poland were historic, although unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. For the first time since 1989 a political party in Poland has won an overall majority in parliament, with the conservative nationalist Law and Justice Party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – PiS) winning over 37 per cent of the vote. Also for the first time in history, the left will have no representatives in parliament, meaning that Poland is presently the only country inside the European Union where there are no left MPs.

How to fight UKIP

8th May 2014 Socialist Action 0

By Jo Mullins

UKIP and its politics are dominating the forthcoming European and local elections. In part this reflects the coverage of the mainstream media who have assiduously promoted its racist agenda. But it also reflects the unwillingness of the main parties to challenge UKIP politically. In politics whoever sets the agenda wins.