Support the postal workers’ strike

Postal workers will be next striking for 48 hours from Friday 30 September to Saturday 1 October.

Three days of action have already taken place in this campaign and these are the next two days.

Like the majority of the population, postal workers face a significant reduction in living standards because of the soaring rate of inflation. Their employer has imposed a 2 per cent pay increase, at a time when RPI inflation is running at 11.8 per cent – i.e. expecting them to suffer a real cut in wages of nearly 10% this year – on top of the real wage cuts of recent years.

The only way to defeat this attack on the population’s living standards is to struggle against it. This is going to be a prolonged fight and the postal and other workers taking industrial action is an important contribution to that struggle.

Progressive people should give their full backing and solidarity to the CWU and the postal workers. Join the picket lines and encourage Labour MPs to show support.