Peoples Assembly to launch in Birmingham

22nd October 2013 Socialist Action 0

7pm Thursday 24th October

Second City Suite, at the bottom of Hurst Street – 100 Sherlock St, Birmingham, West Midlands B5 6LT

Speakers include:
Len McCluskey, general secretary UNITE
Paul Nowak, assistant general secretary TUC
Salma Yaqoob

Venezuela: A day with Nicolás Maduro

18th October 2013 Socialist Action 0

The following interview with President Nicolás Maduro, outlines his involvement in Venezuela’s revolutionary process.

It touches on his involvement in student politics, the significance of the 1989 Caracazo massacre, meeting Chávez in prison in 1993 and his involvement in the national leadership of the Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement.

After Chávez was first elected President in 1998, Maduro headed up the Chávista parliamentary group, later taking on the role of Foreign Minister and then Vice President.

Anti-austerity movement is warming up. Build the Bonfire of Austerity on November 5!

17th October 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey

The broad movement against austerity is warming up. A host of unions have either organised national strike action or are about to strike in the near future. These include firefighters, post workers, teachers, lecturers and others. The continued fall in living standards takes place while the government and its supporters complacently talk about recovery. As a result workers are increasingly angry and confident that they can win concessions.