Anti-austerity movement is warming up. Build the Bonfire of Austerity on November 5!

By Nicky Dempsey

The broad movement against austerity is warming up. A host of unions have either organised national strike action or are about to strike in the near future. These include firefighters, post workers, teachers, lecturers and others. The continued fall in living standards takes place while the government and its supporters complacently talk about recovery. As a result workers are increasingly angry and confident that they can win concessions.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity is the main vehicle which can draw all the different strands of the anti-austerity movement together. There are now over 70 local groups with many holding large public meetings with many more to come. The next big focus is the November 5 Bonfire of Austerity when a large number of local activities which will highlight the fightback against various aspects of the austerity offensive. Full details of those actions can be found here.

The solidarity movement with striking unions is vital to resist the government’s well-worn tactic of divide and rule. The PAAA can help to co-ordinate that solidarity and provide an organised ally for all those engaged in struggles, such as unions but also local campaigns around hospital or library closures, against the bedroom tax and other campaigns. The national campaigns against specific privatisations such as the NHS, the Royal Mail and the East Coast Mainline are also a key component of the anti-austerity alliance.

The battle against austerity is set to be a prolonged one with Osborne threatening cuts until at least 2018 and no sign that Labour has decisively rejected Tory policies. Unifying the entire movement engaged in specific struggles is necessary if these extremely powerful forces are to be defeated. Support the workers fighting against austerity. Build the Bonfire of Austerity on November 5.