We are Waltham Forest – Stop the EDL Saturday 1st September


Stop the fascist English Defence League marching through Walthamstow Saturday 1st September

Gather Walthamstow Town Centre from 11am (see map below)

The English Defence League is planning to march in Walthamstow this Saturday 1 September.

The planned EDL march is due to take place through an Olympic borough during the Paralympics which celebrates the inspirational achievements of disabled people.

The EDL had originally planned to march on 18 August, the same day as the Muslim festival of Eid. After overwhelming public opposition and the council’s call for a ban, the EDL ‘postponed’ their ‘march’.

However, they they have rearranged to come on Saturday to try to sow division in a diverse and vibrant community.

‘We are Waltham Forest’ is a broad-based campaign working with all those who oppose the EDL marching in the borough.

Join us on Saturday 1 September to send a clear message: Waltham Forest says ‘No’ to the EDL.

Supported by Unite against Fascism and the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques

Join the e-mail list to keep updated at: waltuaf@gmail.com

Online at: http://wearewalthamforest.wordpress.com/