Redmond O’Neill 1954-2009

Socialist Action expresses its deep sadness at the immense loss of Redmond O’Neill, who died on Wednesday 21 October after fighting cancer.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Redmond’s partner Kate and to his family.

Redmond was an exemplary socialist and every person who had the privilege of meeting him and working alongside him will not have failed to be influenced by his exceptional intellect, commitment and energy.

Founded in a deep commitment to anti-imperialism, which was shaped by his own Irish heritage, Redmond’s contribution throughout his life made a great impact in many struggles and campaigns.

Redmond never wasted a moment of his life which could be used to fight for a better way forward for humanity. He was an unflinching fighter against every kind of prejudice and injustice and did not believe the struggle would be finished until every one of them was eliminated.

Redmond was unique and irreplaceable. He never wavered one fraction of an inch in his belief in socialism and the absolute necessity of struggling for a better world. Redmond often said that on some matters he may only have a grain of sand to throw in, but he was absolutely going to make sure he threw it in on the right side. Redmond spent his entire life doing this – and in reality he made a huge difference on many things – a fact reflected in the breadth and strength of tributes which have come from around the world, from Ireland, to Venezuela, and the Middle East, and from London’s many communities, whose rights he was at the forefront of championing during his days in City Hall.

We are deeply proud to have had a comrade recognised by so many people internationally – but for us, of course, Redmond had a special significance, for he influenced, educated and inspired us.


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Redmond O’Neill’s funeral

Redmond’s funeral was held at Highgate Cemetery, 11am Friday October 30th

Highgate Cemetery
Swain’s Lane
London N6 6PJ