Osborne puts energy company profits before saving lives and the climate

6th December 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Bridget Robertson

Rising energy bills mean that a quarter of the population of Britain now has to spend more than 10 per cent of their income on energy, at the same time as energy company profits have increased by 77 per cent in one year alone.

This has meant thousands of households are being forced to choose between heating and eating as the Tory assault on living standards takes its toll. However, for the vulnerable the consequences are even more serious. Last winter 31 000 people died prematurely, with around a third of those deaths attributable to living in a cold home.

A glimmer of hope from Warsaw – another failed climate summit

4th December 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Christina Prentice

Anyone keeping one eye on the UN climate negotiations in Warsaw could be forgiven for concluding that the, now routine, spectacle of international bickering is messy but, on the whole, is guiding the world to hold back climate change. Politicians attend, they tell the world’s media that there have been difficult negotiations – even staying up all night. And at the last minute a deal is struck and we are told there has been great progress. It’s all a sham of course.

Photo: Monty Rakusen/Science Photo Library

Time to stand up to the Tory war on green investment

15th November 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Christina Prentice

Cameron’s attempt to regain the political agenda over the cost of living crisis by pledging to “roll back green charges” on energy bills was not only cynical but damaging and should be actively opposed.

Cynical because Cameron knows that green and social investment to insulate the leaky homes of older people and people in fuel poverty are not the main drivers of energy bill hikes – gas prices and super profits are. In the last eight years, energy bills have risen by £520.  The Committee on Climate Change says that the vast majority of this has been because of the rising price of gas.  Low carbon technologies have added just £30 in that time.

photo by andjohan

Tories are backing high carbon emissions from gas instead of renewable energy

3rd June 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Bridget Robertson

This week the British Parliament will vote on the shape of our energy system for the next 40 years. The vote will lay bare the deep divisions in the British bourgeoisie between those who accept that urgent and transformational change is needed in order to keep the planet inhabitable for humanity, and those prepared in the face of overwhelming evidence of climate change to further bolster vested interests of carbon industries.