Tory cuts are aimed at increasing profits for the few

12th November 2010 Socialist Action 0

By Stephen MacAvoy

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There is increasing awareness that the deep cuts proposed by the Tory-led government – amounting to £81bn in 2014/15 alone – pose a threat not only to living standards of large sections of society who did not cause the crisis, but also risk sending the economy back into a downturn or years of low growth.

Political response to economic crisis in Ireland

10th November 2010 Socialist Action 0

Sinn Féin offers a better way

By Nicky Dempsey

Sinn Féin has published its response to the Dublin government’s threatened plans to cut public spending once more in its Budget for 2011, There Is A Better Way. The Fianna Fail/ Green coalition in government has outlined planned further cuts totalling €6bn in both capital and current spending, including welfare payments to the poor. This would bring the total level of ‘fiscal tightening’ to €20.6bn since the end of 2008, which is now equivalent to 13.1% of GDP.  For comparison the British government’s current plans – among the most draconian of any major European country – amount to 9.2% of GDP.

Dilma election poster

Two trends in world politics

5th November 2010 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

Dilma election poster

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The recent results of the elections in Brazil and the USA highlight two divergent trends in world politics. Trends in the countries dominated by imperialism continue to go to or remain on the left. Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis political trends within the imperialist countries have moved to the right.

Student Demo

Defend education – oppose fees rise

5th November 2010 Socialist Action 0

By Jennifer Nash

Student Demo

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The coalition government has launched a massive assault on students which will cause significant social and economic damage. It plans to increase tuition fees from £3290 to £9000 per year, alongside huge cuts of 40 per cent to the higher education budget. Also the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for students studying in Further Education will be axed. This move will deny poorer students the opportunity to study beyond secondary school.

Cuban flags

More on Cuban economic reform

26th October 2010 Socialist Action 0

Economic reform and the future of Cuban socialism

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The following extracts are from an interview with Professor Jose Bell Lara, of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Havana. The full interview first appeared on Links: international journal of socialist renewal.

Movements against pension bill in France gets bigger and tougher

18th October 2010 Socialist Action 0

by Marie Dupont

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Already six nationwide demonstrations since 7 September have taken place against the proposal to increase the pension age in France. This social movement is not declining. The government is now described as ‘autistic’ – refusing any dialogue and re-iterating on and on that it will not move one inch in favour of the mass movement demands.