Notes from the front – of the week 7/1/2016

7th January 2016 Socialist Action 0

Cameron is attacking Muslim Brotherhood to silence opponents of his foreign policy

On 17 December, the Tory government published a summary of the report of their review of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) carried out by Sir John Jenkins, ex-UK Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Charles Farr, Director General of the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism in the Home Office. The published part of the report reveals the obvious bias of the authors and the government that commissioned it following representations for its ‘allies’ in some Gulf states.

Labour after the reshuffle

6th January 2016 Socialist Action 0


The reshuffle itself

First the good news on Labour’s reshuffle. The sacking of Dugher and McFadden shows that straightforward disloyalty and sabotage will not be tolerated.