London public meeting – `Lethal allies: British collusion in Ireland’

Anne Cadwallader, author of the new book, `Lethal Allies’
Alan Brecknell, Pat Finucane Centre

Anne Cadwallader’s new book chronicles the extent of collusion between unionist paramilitary gangs, the RUC and UDR in the Mid-Ulster area in the 1970s. It also covers the Dublin Monaghan bombings, in which 33 people were killed, and the attack on Kay’s Bar in Dundalk in December 1975 in which two men were killed.

Speaking about these revelations, Sinn Fein Mid-Ulster MP, Francie Molloy said: `the existence of collusion has been widely known and reported over recent decades. The Pat Finucane case and the role of British agent Brian Nelson in that murder and other killings; the Stevens Inquiry; the Police Ombudsman’s 2007 report into the role of RUC agent Mark Haddock in the killing of over a dozen people and other similar investigations, have previously lifted the lid on the use by British security agencies of agents and informers in the killing of innocent civilians and republican activists.’

He added `These reports have helped expose the degree to which British state institutions were involved in directing, assisting and promoting the use of collusion to kill people. ‘Lethal Allies’ is a vitally important addition to this. It contains significant new evidence relating to 120 sectarian killings that occurred during a relatively short period in the 1970s.