Labour Assembly Against Austerity

9am – 5pm Saturday 9th November

Birkbeck College, Malet Street WC1E 7HX

Speakers include:

Ken Livingstone 
Owen Jones 
Francesca Martinez
Steve Turner (Unite)
Ann Pettifor
Diane Abbott MP

Katy Clark MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP 
Frank Dobson MP 
John McDonnell MP
Michael Meacher MP
Murad Qureshi AM
Christine Shawcroft (NEC)
Professor Keith Ewing 
Tosh McDonald (ASLEF) 
Peter Willsman (CLPD)
Adrian Weir (Campaign for Trade Union Freedom)
Catherine West PPC
Cat Smith PPC
Shelly Asquith 
Daniel Blaney 
Michael Burke 
Mike Hedges (Unite) 
Conrad Landin 
Cllr Alice Perry
Cllr Kate Taylor
Marsha-Jane Thompson (Defend the Link)



Discussing the alternatives to austerity Labour should put forward to stimulate growth, jobs & raise living standards.

Admission £10 / £5 concs

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The Labour Assembly Against Austerity is supported by: Unite, UCATT, BECTU, Tribune, Morning Star, Campaign for Trade Union Freedom, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Labour Representation Committee, Left Futures, Labour Briefing Co-operative, Chartist, Red Labour and hosted by: Next Generation Labour