Why the ‘Belt & Road’ region will be the main locomotive of the world economy

16th May 2017 Socialist Action 0
The following article by John Ross, explaining why the Belt & Road region is now the main locomotive in the world economy, was previously published by Socialist Economic Bulletin.

The importance of the Belt and Road (B&R) summit for China and participating countries is well known. What is not so widely grasped is that the B&R region is now by far the most powerful locomotive not only of the regional but of the global economy. To be precise:

· Measured at current exchange rates the IMF projects that in the next five years’ growth in the B&R region measured in absolute dollar terms will be almost twice that in North America and four times that in Europe.

The economic logic behind Trump’s foreign policy – why the key countries are Germany and China

29th March 2017 Socialist Action 0

The following article by John Ross, setting out the economic fundamentals confronting the US, was previously published by Socialist Economic Bulletin.

This article was published in Chinese before the recent summit between Chancellor Merkel and President Trump – which strongly confirmed its analysis.

The first steps by Trump as US President confirmed that he will pursue an anti-China policy but also that he will use different tactics to Obama and Clinton.

Lenin on ‘The British Liberals and Ireland’

17th February 2016 Socialist Action 0

In the centenary year of the Irish Rebellion in 1916, Socialist Action continues its series on the topic. Below is a short article by Lenin, ‘The British Liberals and Ireland’, which first appeared in March 1914, that is before the outbreak of the First World War. It is reproduced in full from the invaluable Marxist Internet Archive and can be found here.

Lenin and the Easter Rebellion of 1916

8th February 2016 Socialist Action 0

To mark this year’s centenary of the Easter Rising this website will be carrying a series of articles on the Irish liberation struggle, starting with Lenin on the Irish Rebellion of 1916. Lenin was the foremost exponent of Marxism of his generation whose leadership was decisive in the success of the Russian Revolution. This was made possible by the development of a theoretical outlook which informed the anti-imperialist wing of the socialist movement which subsequently became the worldwide communist movement.