1981 Hunger Strike – inflicted a historic defeat on the Thatcher government

26th August 2015 Socialist Action 0

The following speech, by Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams, was made to the 2015 National Hunger Strike march and rally in Dundalk.

The election in 1981 of Irish republicans on hunger strike, to the British parliament and Irish Dáil, proved to the world, beyond doubt, that the political prisoners had immense popular support.

Prime Minister Thatcher’s criminalisation policy, supported by the Irish government, was discredited by election victories that transformed the struggle for a united Ireland.


Notes from the front – of the week 25/8/2015

25th August 2015 Socialist Action 0

Get the remaining votes out for Jeremy and Diane!

With Jeremy Corbyn the clear favourite to win Labour’s Leadership election in under three weeks’ time, Labour’s right-wing, heavily backed by the media, is stepping up the assault on his policies and trying to discredit Labour’s election process.