No butter, just guns

1st December 2009 Socialist Action 0

The international financial crisis is frequently interpreted as being characterised by operations of avaricious and immoral bankers, motivated purely by personal greed, acting with complete indifference to the population of this or any other country, who recklessly operated financial derivates they did not understand within a casino economy, and whose net useful contribution to society has been shown to be less than zero – all of which is true. But this is only the mechanism by which the economic crisis worked itself out – not its cause. Furthermore, if this had been the real driving force of the economic crisis it would be relatively easy to deal with – tough financial regulation and similar measures would suffice.

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Labour Committee on Ireland

6th November 2009 Socialist Action 0

After fighting cancer for some time, Redmond O’Neill sadly died in surgery on Wednesday 21 October.

Redmond was not one for the limelight, but his belief in the cause of humanity and his determination to achieve change was relentless.