US offensive against the left in Latin America

27th February 2018 shoreditchadmin2 0

US-aligned right wing forces have been advancing in Latin America over the past three years. They have capitalised on the political instability created by an economic crisis which has engulfed the region following the crash in commodity prices in 2014. Their agenda is to reverse the huge social gains delivered by socialist and left wing governments throughout Latin America since the turn of the century and subordinate the region’s governments to US policy.

Victory to Maduro!

12th February 2018 Socialist Action 0

On 22 April 2018 Venezuelans will go to the polls once again to elect their President.

Incumbent President, Nicolas Maduro, is seeking re-election for a second term.
It is essential for the defence Venezuela’s socialist revolution – the continuation of Hugo Chavez’s legacy – that Maduro is re-elected.