Palestinians win ceasefire in Gaza

Palestinians celebrate ceasefire in Gaza

By Paul Roberts

The ceasefire deal agreed yesterday between Israel and the Palestinians represents a victory for the resistance movement. After 51 days of a relentless offensive Israel has had to stop its aggression and end its massacres and destruction in Gaza. This is a cause for celebration.

It has been reported that Israel has agreed to reopen Gaza’s borders and will allow the rebuilding of the infrastructure it destroyed, so the entry of materials needed for reconstruction will be permitted. Also the fishing limit will be extended from three miles to six miles from shore.

After a month talks are due to take place that will discuss the reopening of Gaza’s airport and seaport.

Israel has suffered a defeat. It failed to force the Palestinians to unconditionally surrender, whilst its invasion of Gaza encountered fierce opposition. Despite superior armaments Israel could not stop the resistance groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, from defending Gaza. The defence was courageous and imposed significant loses on Israel, which had 64 of its soldiers killed.

Israel inflicted immense losses on Gaza to try and force its surrender – at least 2,140 Palestinians were killed, overwhelmingly civilians including hundreds of children. Gaza’s only power station, many hospitals, schools and homes were destroyed.

Internationally Israel’s reputation has been eroded as its atrocities were so clearly exposed. And, no doubt, it will try to break its agreement with the Palestinians, as it usually does. It is determined to maintain a siege on Gaza, so Palestinians will need to maintain their unity and resolve.

The struggle for Palestinian liberation will be prolonged. Israel’s racist colonial project has the backing of imperialism. The latter utilises this settler state as a means to exercise influence in the Middle East, a key region for the control of global energy supplies.

Internationally the most appropriate tribute that acknowledges the huge sacrifices Palestinians have made is to build solidarity activity, particularly in countries like Britain that support Israeli aggression and supply it with arms. So if you are not already a member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign – join it today.