Voices against war on Libya

Anti-war banners on 26 March demonstration

Those who argue that the war represents the majority of the world can do so only by falsely claiming that UN Security Council reflects world opinion. Yet the combined population of the 10 members who voted FOR the UN Security Council resolution is only 700m people – just 10% of the world’s population. In contrast, there has been opposition to the current bombing of Libya and/or calls for an immediate ceasefire by China, Russia, India, the African Union, Brazil, Argentina and many other Latin American countries. Together these countries make up the majority of the world’s population. Below is a selection of those opposing the bombing:

Fidel Castro    21 February 2011
What is absolutely clear is that the government of the United States is not in the least worried about peace in Libya and it will not hesitate in giving NATO the order to invade

Hugo Chávez    22 March 2011
Venezuela demands the cessation of the imperialist aggressions, bombs and deaths against innocent people… and that the Libyan people be able to decide freely their own destiny

Lowkey (@LowkeyMusic1)     19 March 2011

In terms of geopolitics, having a presence in Libya is the perfect way for the imperial powers to co-opt revolutions in Egypt + Tunis

European left (www.european-left.org)     20 March 2011
Military interventions including bombing campaigns on Tripoli and other Libyan towns will not bring peace to Libya. The Party of the European Left is convinced that the aim of the intervention is not to help the popular uprising and protect civilians but to regain control of the region and the resources of the country.

Jeremy Corbyn MP     20 March 2011
This war is about oil, control and a message to the rest of the world and region that we can do it if we want to. I fear we will soon be involved in a ground war, the partition of Libya and the theft of that country’s oil and resources.

George Galloway     20 March 2011
This bombing will not succeed. This will be a long war, casualties will occur far from the scenes of battle and the radicalisation of Arab and Islamic world will proceed apace. This is not peacekeeping. This is imperialist war-making.

Caroline Lucas MP     17 March 2011
We have lost all moral authority when it comes to this kind of intervention because of what happened in Iraq.

Tony Benn     17 March 2011
The truth is, you’re going into a war without clear objectives, although everybody knows what the British objective is, what the America objectives are. And I think this is going to damage the popular movements in the Middle East…