Right thoroughly defeated in Portuguese general election

7th October 2019 shoreditchadmin2 0

The outcome of the Portuguese general election is a clear defeat for the rightist parties.
The issue now is whether the ruling Socialists will continue as before with the support of the smaller parties of the far left, the Left Bloc and the UDC, which combines the Portuguese Communist Party and the Greens, and whether they can ensure the advance of economic policy.

Labour right to blame for failure in Scotland

22nd June 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Robin Jackson

The failure of Scottish Labour to match the spectacular General Election advance of Corbyn’s Labour in England and Wales allowed the Tories to benefit from a sharp fall in support for the SNP. The 12 new seats that the Tories won in Scotland were the margin which has allowed Theresa May to project a putative House of Commons majority in alliance with the DUP, rather than be forced to handover to Corbyn or call a new General Election. Although Scottish Labour made some small recovery over 2015, it nonetheless polled less than the Tories and the SNP, meaning Labour came third in vote share for the first time in a general election in Scotland since 1918.

Corbyn’s Labour is leading a general left advance in Britain

21st June 2017 Socialist Action 0

The 2017 British General Election was of course most spectacularly marked by the advance of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and the loss of the Tories’ overall majority. But it also saw a shift to the left of the main part of the political spectrum and an increased polarisation with a decline of forces outside the two main left (Labour) and right (Tory) political parties. Votes for the main centre party (Liberal Democrats) continued to decline.