Wrong choice in Welsh Assembly

26th May 2016 Socialist Action 0

By Rhys Rhymni

Labour has finally formed a coalition administration for the Welsh Assembly (Cynulliad Cenedaethol Cymru). Unfortunately, this coalition administration is with the sole Lib Dem Assembly member elected rather than Plaid Cymru.

Labour’s advance at the 2016 elections

7th May 2016 Socialist Action 0

By Tom Williams

The results of the 5 May elections are good news for Labour. It regained the post of London Mayor, beat the Tories in the English local elections and remains the largest party in the Wales Assembly. It was unfortunately further set back in Scotland, which was predictable given its right wing policies there.

Vote Labour: Kick the Tories out!

19th April 2016 Socialist Action 0


The Labour Party offers the best hope for ordinary working people and their families at the forthcoming 5 May elections.

The Jeremy Corbyn leadership is putting forward the most progressive agenda the party has ever advanced, standing up for the general interests of the population by opposing austerity, racism and war. This situation, as previously described, is unprecedented in British politics.

Fight austerity not migrants

30th May 2014 Socialist Action 0

The following article by Barry Gray, looking at the progressive agenda Labour should set, originally appeared on Left Futures.

Last week’s local and European elections, alongside opinion polls, suggest Labour should win next year’s General Election, but only if the decline in its support since late 2012 is halted at this point.

Photo: An Phoblacht

Sinn Féin’s stunning advance

28th May 2014 Socialist Action 0

By Frances Davis

In last week’s elections Sinn Féin stood on a strong anti-austerity programme, both north and south, with a clear, left alternative economic policy coupled with a strong advocacy of the peace process and for Irish reunification. Its vote is the strongest for the party since 1918.