The October Revolution created today’s world

6th November 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Brian Jackson

The 1917 October Revolution created today’s world in both an objective and subjective sense. Objectively, the October Revolution delivered the decisive blow to the four-century old colonial and imperialist system from which it has never recovered. Subjectively, in no country has the working class taken power and held it for any prolonged period other than via a political party that originated in the Third International created by the October Revolution (Russia, Yugoslavia, China, Vietnam) or which fused with a party from the Third International and embraced Marxism-Leninism (Cuba).

October 1917 – Why the Bolsheviks won

5th November 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Sammy Barker


The October revolution of 1917 was the single most important event of the twentieth century. For the first time in human history a state was established, and stabilised, that represented the interests of the labouring majority in society. Society’s resources were to be utilised to advance the welfare, living standards and ambitions of the workers and peasants. The old exploiting classes – the nobility, landlords and capitalists – were stripped of the privileges which they possessed through robbery, deceit, arbitrary violence and grinding exploitation.

Xi Jinping sets the tone for global fight against climate change

2nd November 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Ruby Cooper

Xi Jinping’s speech to the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party underlined China’s growing international leadership in the global battle to stop climate change. This is an important issue for humanity given the catastrophic consequences that will result if this challenge is not successfully tackled.