Notes from the front – of 15/3/2016

15th March 2016 Socialist Action 0

Refugees welcome here – Join the 19 March protest!

The British government and media demonisation of refugees and their whipping up of other forms of racism is a key ideological component of capital’s austerity offensive. The aim is to distract attention from the cause of declining living standards and divide the population so it fights amongst itself.

John McDonnell lays the basis to restore Labour’s economic credibility with the ‘Fiscal Credibility Rule’

14th March 2016 Socialist Action 0

The following article by Michael Burke, on the economic framework being set out by Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, was previously published by Socialist Economic Bulletin.

Labour lost the last general election because it had no economic credibility, as the overwhelming bulk of opinion polls show. John McDonnell’s new ‘Fiscal Credibility Rule’ decisively and correctly addresses that issue.

Notes from the front – of 11/3/2016

11th March 2016 Socialist Action 0

John McDonnell is restoring Labour’s economic credibility

The Labour leadership are seriously addressing the previous weaknesses in Labour’s economic policy, that deprived the party of economic credibility – a major factor in it losing the last general election.

Notes from the front – of 9/3/2016

9th March 2016 Socialist Action 0

Support the Junior Doctors strike! Fighting for our NHS!

The Tory government has once more forced junior doctors into strike action. Industrial action in the NHS is extremely rare but under this government it is becoming almost common place.