Drop cuts – not bombs!

23rd March 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey

The lies and hypocrisy of the Tory-led government on the cuts has been made crystal clear by the military assault on Libya. This is financed without a second thought, but we are told the country is broke, the money has ‘run-out’ and that our services, benefits, wages and jobs must all be cut to pay for the crisis. This same hypocrisy is being peddled in the US, France and the other imperialist countries participating in this war.

Photo US Marine Corps

No to imperialist intervention into Libya

16th March 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Andrew Williams

The uprisings that have spread across the Middle East have alarmed the US and its regional allies as a series of autocratic pro-Western regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and Yemen, have become vulnerable. As the pro-democracy mobilisations have continued their momentum, the US is determined that the ground it has already had to cede in Egypt and Tunisia will not spread further – and is, of course, working hard behind the scenes to limit the extent of the reforms in Egypt and Tunisia.

Photo by markonf1re

Struggle in Wisconsin – beginning of upturn in US

14th March 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

The mobilisations in Wisconsin in response to Republican proposals to strip public sector workers of collective negotiating rights indicate that the US working class may just be beginning to stir from the slumber that has gripped it through three decades of assault on its living standards.

A demonstration held on Saturday 12th March after the Republicans found a way to force their legislation through despite the Democrats’ blocking tactics saw a demonstration up to 100,000. Initial large protests were further galvanised by the decision of the Democrat members of the state legislature to render the body inquorate and absent themselves. In order not to be subject to subpoena they had to go outside the borders of the state.

In memory Brian Moore – ‘Cormac’

14th March 2011 Socialist Action 0

Socialist Action express sadness at the death of Brian Moore ‘Cormac’

Socialist Action was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Brian Moore, the political cartoonist known as ‘Cormac’, who died on Saturday night (12th March). Brian was well known by his sharp and insightful cartoons ‘Notes by Cormac’ which appeared in Republican News and An Phoblacht.

Brian was also a regular contributor to Socialist Action weekly newspaper throughout the 1980s and to its predecessor, Socialist Challenge in the 1970s. His cartoons in Socialist Action – ‘A Piece of the Action’ – showed his incisive, hilarious and sometimes surreal take on many political issues during that period. They revealed his socialist, republican and internationalist view of the world.

Photo by: Neil T

A first sign that the new rise in the colonial revolution is creating a wider radicalisation

9th March 2011 Socialist Action 0

The Equality Movement

By Jennifer Nash

The new rise in the revolution in the colonial world that began in Latin America with Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution and ‘21st century socialism’, and which is now – on a higher level of mass struggle – sweeping through the Middle East, is of a scale to create a radicalisation in the imperialist countries.

The fundamental lesson of the struggle in Egypt is that when millions of people rise even the most well-armed dictatorship can be forced to give way. This lesson is not lost on young people in the imperialist countries.