photo by: mkhalili

Step forward in Greece as voters reject austerity

12th May 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey

The outcome of the Greek elections represents a decisive popular break with the politics of austerity. Persistent mass mobilisations over several years since the crisis began have resulted in a crushing defeat for the traditionally dominant parties in Greek politics. Parties who in different ways claimed to be opposed to the terms of the Greek bailout won a majority. After a prolonged period in Europe in which ruling parties carrying out cuts have been dumped at the first electoral opportunity, this is the first time since the crisis began that any country has registered a majority vote for parties against austerity.

Photo: Christina Kekka

Solidarity with the people of Greece

14th February 2012 Socialist Action 0

The Coalition of Resistance and the People’s Charter are appealing for support for a campaign against the extreme ‘austerity’ measures being imposed on the Greek population.

The statement, set out below, should be given widespread backing and can be signed here.