Israeli-backed insurgency suffers setbacks in Syria

22nd May 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

Syrian government forces are currently fighting in an important battle to retake control of Qusair, a town between Homs and the Lebanese border.

The government has over recent weeks broken the stalemate and developed impetus behind a series of military and political advances. If this momentum persists imperialism’s offensive will be significantly weakened. Hence it is determined to halt Syria’s current progress, so Israel has increased its direct attacks on Syria and there is a renewed drive for stepped up support to the opposition guerrilla forces.

© 2011 Robin Stevens

Syria – NATO steps in

18th January 2013 Socialist Action 0


By Paul Roberts

In a further escalation of Western intervention in the conflict in Syria, NATO is currently deploying advanced surface to air guided missiles that can intercept and destroy aircraft, along Turkey’s border with Syria.

US, German and Dutch troops are arriving to operate these Patriot systems, while Czech, Slovak and Polish units are also reported to be on their way to the border.

Syria: the imperialist offensive intensifies

1st August 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Andrew Williams

The guerrilla military campaign in Syria significantly escalated in July this year when Russia and China vetoed for the third time a proposed UN Security Council resolution against Syria.

Armed Syrian opposition forces entered the two main cities of Damascus and Aleppo to mount attacks and seized a number of border control posts.

A bomb in Damascus killed four of the Syrian government’s top defence personnel, including the Defence Minister and his Deputy.