After Libya: Syria, counterrevolution and Counterfire

6th February 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Andrew Williams

The veto, by Russia and China, of a US-backed UN Security Council resolution aimed at giving cover to stepped up imperialist intervention in Syria has made this more difficult. But this setback will not stop the offensive of the US and the other imperialists, backed by Israel, to overthrow Syria’s government.

Photo: Xinhua

After Libya: West has Syria and Iran in its sights

1st December 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Jane West

Despite claims it was supporting the ‘Arab Spring’, NATO bombed Libya for its own time-honoured reasons – to depose a regime that was unreliable for Western interests, a frequent nuisance in OPEC, and sometime supporter of various anti-imperialist and anti-colonial struggles.

Wall Street Journal reveals US hypocrisy and lies on democracy in Middle East

5th March 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Brian Clark

Socialist Action has constantly pointed out that US administration claims that its policy is to support democracy in the Middle East is a straightforward lie and characteristic of imperialist hypocrisy. Of interest, therefore, is that the Wall Street Journal, the most authoritative journal of US business, has now carried a long detailed front page analysis of US attempts to suppress democracy when confronted with the uprisings in the Arab countries.

Photo: Barack Obama

Imperialist hypocrisy and the Middle East

28th February 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Andrew Williams

As the revolutionary process has continued to unfold across the Middle East there is much cant being espoused by the US and its allies. Whilst publicly calling in the region for democracy, human rights and peace, a completely contrary agenda is actually being pursued. This is being consolidated through imperialist intervention into Libya.