Notes from the front – of the week 11/3/2015

11th March 2015 Socialist Action 0

EU is using ‘salami slicing’ tactics against Syriza

The EU rejection of the latest Greek government proposals confirms that the struggle is both intensifying and is likely to be prolonged.

The EU’s very public dismissal of Syriza’s proposals on reforming the tax collection system – and the widespread ridiculing of them by the European media – shows that the Eurogroup of finance ministers is not looking for any compromise and just aims to crush Syriza’s opposition to austerity. This stance is reinforced by the European Central Bank which is refusing to provide short-term funds (‘liquidity’) to Greek banks in case these are used to fund government operations.

Notes from the front – of the week 4/3/2015

4th March 2015 Socialist Action 0

Eurogroup, ECB and IMF seek Syriza’s unconditional surrender

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told a weekend rally that Syriza’s international opponents ‘plan was and is to wear down, topple or bring our government to unconditional surrender before our work begins to bear fruit and before the Greek example affects other countries,’ he said, adding: ‘and mainly before the elections in Spain.’