Major strike action called for 30th June

7th June 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Tom O’Donnell

The first simultaneous strikes against the government’s policies seems inevitable at the end  of June.  Following the upsurge of student protest at the cuts to higher education, and allowances and the hike in fees it was no coincidence that the first union to take major action was the college lecturers’ union the UCU, followed by a series of local actions by the teacher’s union NUT.


Peru victory further consolidates continent’s left shift

7th June 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Stephen MacAvoy

The victory of Ollanta Humala in Peru’s presidential election on Sunday (5 June) marks a further consolidation of the left in South America, a defeat for the right-wing current cited as the alternative by those opposed to the continent’s leftwards shift and a further weakening of the United States’ influence in the region.

Ministry of Defence

NATO warmongers embark on new phase of war

6th June 2011 Socialist Action 0

By Andrew Williams

The immense firepower of imperialism, aided by Russia’s capitulation to Western demands that it call for Gaddafi to go, is beginning to drive back the Libyan government. After eleven weeks of bombardment and ten thousand sorties opposition forces have made some advances into the areas held by the Libyan government. Although not currently advancing on the capital Tripoli, the opposition have managed to shift the front line. Their progress has been slow so NATO last week prepared public opinion for a long war, announcing a 90 day extension to its campaign and then sent in attack helicopters to participate more directly in the combat on the ground.