Boris Johnson’s correct choice on Syria – it is necessary to fight on the side of Assad & Russia against ISIS

7th December 2015 Socialist Action 0

Boris Johnson supported the catastrophic invasion of Iraq, launched by Bush and Blair, which is the cause of the present chaos in the Middle East and the rise of global terrorism it has resulted in. Like the bombing of Libya the Iraq invasion turned previously powerless jihadist terrorists into a powerful force. Above all the people of the Middle East but also those in Paris, San Bernardino, and Mali are paying for that with their lives.

Right forces ‘free vote’ on Syria

1st December 2015 Socialist Action 0

Monday’s decision by Jeremy Corbyn to allow a free vote for Labour MPs on the Tories’ proposal to bomb Syria was clearly not the position he preferred Labour to be in. He had earlier been reported as wanting the vote whipped, and his own opposition to bombing is unquestioned.

How to really defeat ISIS

29th November 2015 Socialist Action 0

The effective measures that would really defeat ISIS are very simple – the fact Cameron doesn’t propose them shows he is lying about trying to destroy ISIS.

Why Cameron is lying by claiming bombing Syria is to destroy ISIS

29th November 2015 Socialist Action 0

Cameron’s claim in asking for authorisation to bomb Syria is that it is intended to destroy ISIS and other ‘jihadists’. But the facts show this is a lie, that Cameron’s aim in Syria is totally different, and that its end result will be to strengthen ‘jihadists’. As unfortunately some on the left have also not understood the real situation on this it is therefore important to clarify the real facts in Syria which demonstrate what are Cameron’s actual goals.