Don’t be fooled by the Labour right’s manoeuvres on the EU Single Market

22nd September 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Brian Jackson

The Labour right suffered a severe defeat due to Labour’s strong result at the General Election under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. For the moment they are forced to keep their heads down and don’t dare to challenge Corbyn’s leadership openly. But don’t believe the right have given up the struggle to impose their support for austerity and wars. They have merely been forced to adopt more indirect tactics.

Labour and trade unions increasingly moving to supporting Single Market membership

12th September 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Ian Richardson

Both wings of the labour movement are increasing their opposition to Tory plans to quit the EU Single Market – a move that would lead to the loss of huge numbers of jobs and a general decline in living standards as inflation from the devaluation of the pound cut real wages. The political background is the increasingly acrimonious negotiations with the EU as government bluster about the claimed benefits of leaving the Single Market are exposed.

Labour’s moves on the Single Market – a further positive move by Jeremy Corbyn

8th September 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Brian Jackson

The new policies announced by Labour on the EU Single Market confirm further positive moves to defend living standards and jobs by Labour under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. The decision to accept membership of the Single Market for at least a ‘transitional period’, while not excluding it as a permanent arrangement, is correct from the point of view of working class living standards. It was, for interrelated reasons, also immediately followed by a further strengthening of Labour’s lead over the Tories to five percent – 43% to 38%. Unfortunately, this move by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was incorrectly attacked by some on the left. It is therefore necessary to understand clearly why Corbyn’s position was correct.

Labour should unite around membership of the Single Market

30th January 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Pat Tanner

It is clear, and becoming increasingly publicly evident, that in the coming period the living standards of the British population and British workers cannot be maintained without membership of the European Single Market. The inflation that will be created by the plunging pound will significantly cut living standards, while refusal of companies to invest without free access to a European market which is many times bigger than any UK one will lead to heavy job losses. The significantly lower economic growth that will result will put further pressure on social spending.