Theresa May and King Abdullah in Jordan

Theresa May’s Middle East fantasy

15th December 2017 shoreditchadmin2 0

Theresa May’s visit to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq, at the end of November, highlighted the continuing decline of influence in Britain’s foreign policy… The nostalgia and myth making that characterises the pro-Brexit case spreads its ephemera all over the Tory government’s international endeavours.

Trump’s Middle East policy: Reinforcing the military

28th March 2017 Socialist Action 0

By Stephen Bell

In recent weeks it has become evident that US President Trump’s policy in the Middle East primarily involves reinforcing the military presence and activity of US armed forces. Despite his campaign rhetoric about $6 trillion spent to no result, he has moved swiftly to increase the size and rate of US deployment. With a current account deficit of $469 billion in 2016 US imperialism can offer concessions only to its most favoured allies. For the rest, which includes the majority of Arab countries, there is simply the presence of US military might.

Imperialism and rising instability in the Middle East

14th February 2014 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

Having recouped the setbacks it experienced in the Middle East in 2011/12, imperialism has now hit some problems. These have largely arisen because imperialism, facing obstacles in the form of the Russia-China veto in the UN, the failure of Britain to back a military strike against Syria and pressures on its own military budgets, has relied on proxy military forces, including al-Qaeda inspired groups, to pursue its campaign to overthrow Assad. These now pose a threat to the West.

Photo: US Navy

US prepares its war against Syria

6th September 2013 Socialist Action 0

By Paul Roberts

Whilst President Obama tries to tie down support this week in advance of forthcoming Congressional votes, the US military is preparing an immense assault on Syria. US imperialism does not make idle threats, so it intends that the attack will proceed. Members of Congress are being told that a ‘no-vote’ next week, against air-strikes, would catastrophically weaken the US for years to come.