The myths surrounding the London elections

16th May 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Joe Collins

Following Ken Livingstone’s defeat in the mayoral contest in London there have been a range of attacks on him from the usual quarters claiming that he underperformed the Labour Party and that on this basis that with ‘any other candidate’ Labour might have won.

The aim of the attacks is to discredit the progressive strand of politics that Ken Livingstone stood for, and to present any attempt to stand up to the offensive of the Tory-led government and its media backers as electorally suicidal.

London – Lessons of an unnecessary defeat

11th May 2012 Socialist Action 0

by Alex Taylor

The aim of Ken Livingstone’s campaign in London was straightforward. It was to try to win the ability to use the resources of a powerful institution, that of the Mayor, to defend the living standards of ordinary people in London. As such it was inevitably going to face the most ferocious attack by capital.

The project of capitalism in Europe and this country at present is totally clear. Having led the continent into the deepest economic crisis for eighty years its aim is to try to overcome its own crisis through a huge transfer of wealth from the poorest members of society to the richest. That is the sole objective of the ‘austerity’ policies throughout Europe, as it is of those of the Tory led coalition here.