To rebuild from a defeat Labour must base itself on the facts

14th December 2019 shoreditchadmin2 0

There can be no illusions. In the election the working class and oppressed have suffered a serious defeat at the hands of the Tories. It means that the Tory Party, purged even of its fake ‘wets’, has five years to carry out its project of the ‘Americanisation’ of British society – to savagely attack workers’ rights and social protection.
Jeremy Corbyn should not resign and Corbynism must continue to lead the party – that is even more vital given the Tory onslaught which is coming.

Vote Labour in the Euro Elections!

22nd May 2019 Socialist Action 0

Both the political atmosphere and the opinion polls are unusually volatile. But one thing seems certain – Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies in the other parties, the mainstream media and the Labour right are already drafting pieces attacking Corbyn and arguing that he should go.