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Portuguese anti-austerity struggle intensifies

7th October 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Nicky Dempsey

The main Portuguese trade union federation the Communist-led CGTP has called a one-day general strike for November 14 in response to the announcement of the government’s latest austerity measures.

The announcement follows huge mobilisations against government policies, in what were widely described as the largest demonstrations in Portugal since the revolution which overthrew the Caetano dictatorship in 1974.


Massacre at Marikana

16th September 2012 Socialist Action 0

By Tom Castle

The massacre of at least 34 striking miners at the Marikana platinum mine in South Africa was profoundly shocking, the single most lethal use of force by the South African state since the 1960 Sharpeville massacre. And it stands in stark contrast to the promise held out by the release of Nelson Mandela and democratic South Africa under the leadership of the ANC.