No Red Carpet for Saudi Crown Prince – End British Complicity in War and Repression in Gulf – Meeting 8 November

Online Public Meeting: No Red Carpet for Saudi Crown Prince – End British Complicity in War and Repression in Gulf
Wednesday, 8 November at 6:30 pm
Hosted by Stop the War Coalition
For the link to attend the event visit here.


Katie Fallon is Advocacy Manager at Campaign Against Arms Trade. She has previously worked for Irish Foreign Ministry, and Reporters Sans Frontieres.

Lindsey German is the Convenor of Stop the War, a post she has held since its formation. She is author of a number of books, a socialist and women’s liberationist.

Madawi Al Rasheed is a Fellow of the British Academy, and Visiting Professor at the LSE. She is author and editor of a number of books. She is a founding member of The National Assembly Party (NAAS) – Saudi opposition party.

Maryam Alkhawaja is an award winning Bahraini/Danish Human Rights Defender. She was a 2013 Nobel Prize nominee. She is also daughter of Abdul-Hadi Alkhawaja, one of leaders of Bahrain Spring, imprisoned since Saudi backed invasion in 2011.

Shireen Al-Adeimi Is Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, and a non-resident fellow at Quincey Institute. She has played an important role in building opposition in the US to the Saudi led war on her country of birth, Yemen.

Tom Unterrainer is National Chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarament (CND). He is also involved in the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation and European Nuclear Disarmament Information.

Information from the organisers

The British government has invited Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to visit later this year. The visit will further cement British government involvement in the war in Yemen, repression in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and imperialist actions in the region. The speakers will explain the issues and why we must organise against British foreign policy in the Gulf.