Video of meeting: The new non-alignment and the new cold war

The new non-alignment and the new cold war
Video of online meeting

(held on Saturday 17 June 2023)

Ronnie Kasrils, South African Communist Party and former Minister of Intelligence in the government of South Africa
Sevim Dagdelen, Die Linke deputy leader in the German Bundestag
Srujana Bodapati, economist and coordinator of the Tricontinental’s research in India
Stephanie Weatherbee Brito, is part of the secretariat of the International Peoples Assembly based in Brazil
• Welcoming remarks from Gisela Cernadas, No Cold War campaign
Moderator: Vijay Prashad, Director of the Tricontinental Institute and No Cold War campaign

Webinar initiated by the No Cold War platform – bringing together representatives of important political forces from around the world to reflect on these shifts in the global mood.
Co-sponsors: No Cold War, International Peoples Assembly, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, Pan-Africa Today, ALBA Movimientos.

Information from the organisers

When the West tried to bring countries of the Global South to its side in the conflict over Ukraine, it was surprised. Several important countries – India, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa – refused to budge, arguing that their national self-interest should prevail over the parochial interests of the Western states and that the refusal to push a peace agenda in that conflict negatively impacted the world.