National Demonstration at the Tory Party conference – Sunday 2 October Birmingham

US Treasury Building

National Demonstration at the Tory Party conference
Sunday 2 October
Assemble in Victoria Square Birmingham at 1pm

Organised by the Peoples Assembly

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Information from the organisers

Mick Lynch – RMT General Seretary who will be speaking at Sunday’s demonstration said:

“The Tory government need to recognise that we will not meekly accept a cost-of-living crisis that was not of our making.

“The rich have never been richer and now their friends in the Conservative Party are rewarding them further with tax cuts and increased access to our public services.

“We are building a strong working-class voice on the streets of Britain that is united and determined to fight for jobs and decent pay.

“And if the government does clamp down on our human right to take strike action and curtail other civil liberties, we will launch a massive wave of civil disobedience to show we will not be intimidated.”

Our demands include:

  • End the Cost-of-Living Crisis – Cut Profits, Not Wages
  • Tax Wealth – Fund Social Care & Social Security – End Fuel Poverty
  • Nationalise Energy, Water, Mail and Rail
  • End Britain’s Low Pay Crisis
  • Tories Out
  • Scrap Anti-Union Laws
  • End the Housing Crisis – Build Council Homes
  • End outsourcing and privatisation of NHS & Public Services
  • Low-cost transport to Birmingham is being organised from around the country.