NATO, Ukraine and Russia: war, propaganda and censorship – Video of meeting

Video: NATO, Ukraine and Russia: war, propaganda and censorship
Meeting on Wednesday 25 May
Organised by No Cold War Britain

Andrew Feinstein – Author, campaigner and former African National Congress MP
Camila Escalante – Journalist and presenter for Kawsachun News
Asa Winstanley – Journalist and political commentator
Anna Chen – Writer, poet and broadcaster
Kayla Quesada – Academic and geo-political analyst
Steve Sweeney – International Editor of the Morning Star
Chair: Sequoyah De Souza – No Cold War Britain
Information from the organisers

As NATO continues to escalate its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, by sending tens of billions of pounds worth of weapons into the warzone, voices in support of peace, dialogue and negotiations are becoming increasingly censored and silenced by the Western mainstream media.

The Western media’s coverage of the conflict in Ukraine has been characterised by a narrow consensus of reporting, which significantly distorts and overlooks the geo-political and historical context, and largely ignores alternative voices. NATO’s moves to escalate the war are given unquestioning support.

Dissenting and critical views are smeared with governments and social media platforms banning many independent commentators and alternative media.

With NATO’s dangerous escalation threatening to prolong the war in Ukraine and increase the suffering of the Ukrainian people it is urgent that a balanced and objective public discussion on the path towards de-escalation and peace takes place.