‘The virus is not going away. So neither can we’ – Meeting 6.30pm Monday 1 November

‘The virus is not going away. So neither can we’
On line meeting
Monday 1st November 6.30pm

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Organised by the Zero Covid Coalition

Information from the organisers

For some time now new Covid-19 cases in Britain have been running far ahead of other major European countries. Some days new cases here have been more that the totals of those countries combined. New cases, hospitalisations and deaths are higher now than on so-called ‘freedom day’ on July 19. The rise in cases among children of school age now seems to be joined with rising cases among older populations. The NHS is once more coming under extreme pressure.

The government has a vaccine-only policy and it clearly is not working. One minister is reported to have said the pandemic is ‘all over bar the shouting’, and that is clearly how the government acts.

But polls show public concern is growing once more and many medics, scientists and others continue to point out that the current strategy is allowing a renewed upsurge.

This means we must continue to fight for a change of direct, working with everyone who wants even the smallest measures adopted that can prevent infection and save lives. And continuing to argue for a a complete change of direction and #ZeroCovid.