Stop the War! An Event to Mark 20 Years of the War on Terror – 18 September

Stop the War! An Event to Mark 20 Years of the War on Terror
Saturday 18 September 2 PM
Conway Hall • 25 Red Lion Square, London, United Kingdom WC1R 4RL

Line up includes:
Mark Rylance (Stop the War Patron and Oscar winning actor)
Alexei Sayle (comedian)
Lowkey (musician and rapper)
Plus founding members of our movement including:
Jeremy Corbyn
Tariq Ali
Lindsey German
Andrew Murray
and Salma Yaqoob.

Tickets available here

Organised by the Stop The War Coalition.

Information from the organisers

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the War on Terror and the founding of Stop the War. We have a number of commemorative events organised and this is one not to be missed. On Saturday 18 September we are hosting a political/cultural afternoon with key figures from the movement, as well as musicians and artists who will both inform and entertain.

If you have been involved in the anti-war movement at any point over the last 20 years do join us and hear the how it began in 2001, how Stop the War grew into the largest anti-war movement in the UK, and where we see ourselves heading in the years to come as the struggle against war and imperialism continues.