Palestine Rises: The Ongoing Resistance – Meeting 6pm 3 June

Palestine Rises: The Ongoing Resistance

Online Meeting 6pm 3 June

Riya Alsanah, a research coordinator at Who Profits research center and an activist based in Haifa, Palestine.
Rana Shubair, published author and writer, English language trainer. Mother and Palestinian activist.
Amany Khalifa, local mobilisation coordinator at Grassroots Jerusalem

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Organised by Palestine Solidarity Campaign 

Information from the organisers
As bombs pounded the majority-refugee population of besieged Gaza; as Israel attempted to dispossess yet more Palestinians from occupied East Jerusalem; and as Palestinian Citizens of Israel faced sharpening state violence, Palestinians rose.
Across Palestine workers came together for a historic general strike against Israeli colonialism and apartheid. The general strike saw millions withdraw their labour in a display of united popular resistance, overcoming Israel’s geographic and political fragmentation.
Palestinians in exile, denied the right to return to the land which they or their family were forcibly expelled, organised protests, vigils, and marches across the world.
From Palestine and across the world, one message came clearly. Liberation is within our reach.
Join this webinar to hear from Palestinians on the ground, about how we in the UK can give practical and effective solidarity to those resisting Israeli apartheid.