Launch rally for the No Cold War Britain campaign – 7pm Wednesday 16 June

Launch rally for the No Cold War Britain campaign
China is not our enemy
We stand against the new US cold war & Britain’s role in this dangerous threat to peace

7pm Wednesday 16 June

Confirmed speakers include:
* Lowkey, musician and activist
* Martin Jacques, author of ‘When China Rules the World’
* Jodie Evans, CODEPINK
* Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND
* Vijay Prashad, Director of the Tricontinental Institute
* Li Jingjing , Chinese journalist
* Andrew Murray, Stop the War Coalition
* Anna Chen, writer, poet and broadcaster
* Ben Chacko, Editor of the Morning Star
* Fiona Edwards, No Cold War

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This is the launch meeting of the No Cold War Britain campaign. It will feature a range of high-profile speakers.
The event is taking place as Britain sends its largest ever warship to the South China Sea in a deliberately aggressive and provocative move.

Speakers will address a number of themes and questions including:
· The role of Britain as a junior partner in the US’ cold war against China
· How the cold war presents a threat to building world peace
· The rise of anti-Asian racism that has accompanied the cold war
· Why the British government’s increasing belligerence towards China will cause economic harm – losing lots of jobs, trade and investment
· How we build a broad movement to stand up to the cold war

You can view a number of time zones for the meeting here.

The event is hosted by No Cold War Britain and the Tricontinental Institute.
For more information visit the website and follow @NCWBritain @NoColdWar on social media.