“China’s Great Road” by John Ross – book launch 3 June

“China’s Great Road” – book launch meeting
3 June 7pm EDT

“China’s Great Road” – a new book by John Ross, on socialist China’s extraordinary progress in social and economic development and human rights.

Book launch meeting with:
John Ross, author of the book, and Senior Fellow at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China.
Wang Wen, Professor and the Executive Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Vice President of Silk Road School, Renmin University of China.
Radhika Desai, Professor at the Department of Political Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada and Director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group.
Vijay Prashad, Executive Director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research and the Chief Editor of LeftWard Books.
Brian Becker, Director of the ANSWER Coalition, Founder of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and Host of The Socialist Program with Brian Becker.

The book can be purchased here.